Fall 2014 Volume 6, Issue 3

Parkinson Voice Enhancing Lives, Connecting Communities

Hungry for Hope By JaneW. Barton,MTS,MASM, CSA

ColoradoGivesDay 24Hours toGiveWhereYouLive Mark your calendars for Tuesday, December 9th as a reminder to support our community through Colorado’s Annual Day of Online Giving! Each year Coloradoans come together to raise millions of dollars for nonprofits like ours and with your support we can reach our goal of raising $25,000 in 24 hours! This unique opportunity allows you to give to your favorite, approved Colorado Gives Day, charities through the website www.ColoradoGives.org and really make it count! In return for your support, all credit card and processing fees will be covered by Community First Foundation - so 100% of every dollar you donate will go directly to the Parkinson Association. And, when you give online any time on December 9th (beginning at 12:00am), the value of your donation will be increased by the FirstBank Incentive Fund. Worried you’ll forget? Preschedule your gift today! All charges will be processed on December 9th to “give where you live!”

well as the opportunities for all involved. The trials and tribulations of caregiving receive extensive coverage - headline news. Having difficulties posed by caregiving from the inside out. Been there, done that. And, no doubt, I will do it again! Consequently, I also know that reiterating how hard caregiving can be is not helpful for overwhelmed care partners. Reciting the laundry list of statistics and stressors related to family caregiving is of little help to care partners struggling to get through the day. Instead, care partners hunger for realistic messages of hope. Hope? Yep, we hunger for hope! We hope for various and sundry things as the journey of caregiving unfolds: cure, comfort, companionship, courage, compassionate care, control and served as a family caregiver numerous times, I know the

calm. Before you discount hope as unbridled optimism, let’s explore the concept of hope. Hope is not wishful thinking. Rather, hope is an optimistic attitude rooted in the realistic assessment of the situation. Hope compels us to lean into life instead of being paralyzed by fear. Although there are no guarantees in life, hope lures us to take the next step in this mysterious journey. A good thing indeed! Because caregiving is a continuous process of change and transition, hope is ephemeral. As the trajectory of an illness changes, we must constantly reassess goals, needs, wants and resources. Consequently, hope changes. What I hope for today may not be possible tomorrow. The evolution of hope reflects the relationship between hope and reality. As reality changes, so does our hope. We hope for different things at different times.

November is National Family Caregivers Month. This is the time of year that we recognize and honor the care partners among us. Although the focus during the month of November is typically on the providers of care, caregiving is a collaborative process - a partnership. So, I believe November is a month to celebrate and to honor the givers and the receivers of care. This is prime time to reflect on the journey of caregiving, the challenges as

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