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CODEFREE & ADVANCED CODEFREE Powerful integration without the need for code

‘Document storage and retrieval had historically represented a very significant overhead for Persimmon Homes. The ease with which Invu integrated with our business software was a very important component in the decision making process.’

Rob Holden, Persimmon Homes

Integration can mean so many things - a catch-all term which covers the most minor of hooks between products and data through to fully edged programme levels of harmonisation. The end result should be the same - quicker working and minimal disruption to the way you work. It is against this background that Invu provides two powerful integration options, CodeFree and Advanced CodeFree. Using data held within third party applications, CodeFree allows users to remain in their native program and run searches against the Invu Document Management system. By adding a linking button or a keyboard combination to the applications you use evryday, CodeFree can retrieve your documents instantly without the need to switch systems. Invu’s CodeFree product can cater for almost all 3rd party applications.* This builds on the technology of CodeFree integration and provides the ability to ‘scrape’ data from third party applications. The data once ‘scraped’ is then applied as indexing information to documents or records. As well as retrieving documents much the same way CodeFree does, Advanced CodeFree gives users the ability to automate the File & Save process using information captured from the screen they are in. What is CodeFree? (CF) What is Advanced CodeFree? (ACF)

BENEFITS • Rapidly reduce the time spent searching for documents between two or more systems. • It really is ‘Code Free’ - No need for any additional development or programming. • Increased accuracy and consistency when storing & retrieving documents.

FEATURES • Perform searches against the Invu Document Management system from within your back o ce/ERP system. • Can either be trained quickly against another application or run automated searches based on preferences. • ‘Scrape’ data from the application and apply as indexing information to a document or record. (ACF)

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*A proof of concept is always required to ensure CodeFree and Advanced CodeFree compatibility on the third party application.

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