Fulton Area Chamber of Commerce & Visitor's Center Brochures

Kingdom of Callaway Historical Society 513 Court Street Fulton, MO 65251

Saults Drug Store 505 Court Street Fulton, MO 65251 (573) 642-4186

(573) 642-0570 www.kchsoc.org

This store boasts on old-fashioned soda fountain known for thick milk shakes, malts, and sodas.

The artifacts of small town America dating back nearly 200 years are on display at this museum.

Serenity Valley Winery 1888 County Road 342 Fulton, MO 65251 www.serenitywinerymo.com A peaceful, tranquil and relaxed atmosphere to enjoy boutique wines.

Tourist Attractions Guide

Stinson Creek Walking Trail Throughout Fulton Missouri

(573) 592-5369 (Fulton Parks and Recreation) This walking and biking trail loops through Fulton and includes a scenic covered bridge over Stinson Creek.

Mildred M Cox Gallery One University Avenue Fulton, MO 65251 (573) 592-4245 www.williamwoods.edu Monday – Friday 9 am – 6 pm; Sunday 1 pm – 4 pm Enjoy students and professional display at this gallery located on the William Woods University

Rock Garden Antique Barn 4362 State Road F Fulton, MO 65251 (573) 826-2999 www.rockgardenantiquebarn.com

Winston Churchill Museum 501 Westminster Avenue Fulton, MO 65251 (573) 592-5369 www.nationalchurchillmuseum.org Open Daily10 am – 4:30 pm Admission Charged

409 Court Street Fulton, MO 65251 (573) 642-3055 fax (573) 648-5182 wwwfultonmochamber.com

Rock Garden Antique Barn was an actual farm with cattle ad stored hay up til about 1 ½ years ago. The Rock Garden and barn were built in 1949 and is now an antique store with unique pieces with a lot of history. Take a nice stroll around to see what they have to offer.

Explore the life and times of one of the greatest statesmen of the 20 th century whose example lives on into the 21 st .

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