Supply Chain Report 2023

Labour shortages

Visibility of work

• Supply chain organisations, particularly tier 2s, expect to grow their workforce considerably ( 15% ) over the next two years. • However, there is strong competition for skills within and across sectors. • Specific disciplines affected include reservoir, mechanical and electrical engineers and supply-chain management roles. 15%

• A fifth of supply chain organisations stated that their 2021 forecasts were less than 25% accurate while only a similar proportion had very accurate forecasts. • There is poor visibility and low confidence in relation to the dimensions of their pipeline of work. • Improving visibility and more certainty of work will ensure the supply chain retains and invests in resources in the UK.



Tier 1: Direct providers of the final product or services to the operator. They are often large organisations with a global presence providing integrated project solutions. Tier 2: Supplier or subcontractor to the tier 1 supplier. These organisations can vary greatly in size and presence. SME: An organisation that has fewer than 250 employees and a turnover of less than €50mn or a balance sheet total less than €43mn. These organisations make up most businesses providing products and services to the UKCS.



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