Supply Chain Report 2023

3 OEUK’s Ten Supply Chain Principles

Risks and costs should be borne appropriately, proportional to the work scope and the opportunity for good performance should benefit everyone.

Contractual terms and conditions will seek to utilise industry standards including mutual payment terms.

All parties should ensure they have the competence and skills to deliver the work being tendered.

Contract cancellations should not be without good reason or cause. If buyers and suppliers must have the ability to terminate a contract, the circumstance or risk should be outlined, explained and understood.

Purchasers shall endeavour to optimise their tendering and audit requirements to respect the supplier’s time and resources.

Supply chain champion

The appointment of a Supply Chain Champion is a key deliverable for the North Sea Transition Deal. Since 2021, Sian Lloyd-Rees has been championing the industry as it works to support the government’s ambition to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. Ms Lloyd-Rees promotes supply chain innovation, expertise and capabilities to ensure UK firms are in a strong position early on to compete and win contracts for new energy projects at home and abroad. These companies will be needed to deliver the clean and innovative energy technologies that will help move the UK towards a low-carbon future.



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