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Cisco WebEx provides an easy and cost-effective solution for delivering interactive live training to people anywhere. Using WebEx, you can schedule training, record training to share later, communicate with training participants as a group or individually, share content, and more.

Join a Training Session When you registered for a training session, you received an email confirmation with a link to the session. Click the link in the email confirmation to join the session. If you received an invitation to a training session but did not register you can still join a training session. Click the registration link in the email to register and start the training session. Share Content Share content includes sharing the following: • Files such as presentations, documents, and video. • Web content like web pages or any media. • Applications from your computer. Attendees can see or interact with the application. For full details, see the Cisco WebEx Training User Guide. Connect to Audio WebEx provides you with the ability to use your telephone for audio or use your computer to listen to the meeting using headphones or speakers. Use Phone 1. From Quick Start , open the Audio Conference dialog box. 2. Select how to connect to the training session. a. Click Call Me then select a phone number or type your telephone number. b. From the drop-down list, select I will call in and follow the instructions provided. Use Computer for Audio In the Audio Conference dialog box, click Call Using Computer . Start Video Click the video icon beside your name. The icon turns green when video starts. Record a Training Session 1. In WebEx Training, click Session > Recorder Settings > Record on This Computer .

2. Click

. A red icon appears at the bottom of the window when a recording is in process.

3. Click Pause recording

to pause and

start recording

During Training WebEx training has several features that help you run a meeting smoothly. Participant Panel The Participant panel displays a list of attendees and provides them with the ability to send feedback to the presenter.

The Chat and Q&A panels appears as tabs across the top and Feedback buttons appear at the bottom.

Left to right, feedback buttons are Raise Hand , Yes , No , Go Faster , Go Slower , Emoticons , Feedback Results , and Clear Feedback . Click a button to activate it. Click Raise Hand to request to speak and a hand appears beside the attendee’s name. The presenter can see the order in which hands are raised. Change Presenter Use one of the of the following to change the presenter. • Drag the WebEx ball from the last presenter to the next printer. • Mouseover a participant’s thumbnail and select Make Presenter .


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