SG7 Speedy Personal Speed Radar Kit


Ramsey Electronics Model No. SG7

You be the cop! “Clock” cars, bikes, planes, horses, joggers, virtually anything that moves! Works on the same principle as police units costing thousands more. Ideal for learning and teaching radar theory.  Direct readout in Miles, Kilometers or Feet per second  Operates on 12 volts DC  1/4 mile range with average size car  Better than 2 miles per hour accuracy, reads to over 200 MPH  Operates on 2.6GHz - no license needed  Earphone output to actually hear Doppler shift  The Nation’s #1 science fair project!  Clear, concise step-by-step instructions guide you to a finished kit that not only works FIRST time - but you’ll also learn!  Complete kit includes case and cables - just add two coffee or juice cans  Sets off cheap radar detectors - lots of highway fun! Ramsey Customer Use Only Not For Publication

SG7  1

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