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SPDS Methods Expected for Review AOAC Candidate  Method Number  Method Title 

Method Authors 


Determination of Phenolic Compounds in  Dietary Supplements and Dietary Ingredients  Containing Echinacea  Determination of Ginsenoside Content in  Panax ginseng and Panax quinquefolius Root  Materials and Finished Products  Simultaneous Determination of 30  Ginsenosides in Panax ginseng preparations  using ultra performance liquid  chromatography  Determination of Kavalactones and  Flavokavains in Kava Dietary Supplements  and Dietary Ingredients  HPLC Analysis Method Development  for  Kavalactones and Flavokavains in Kava  Extract  Detection of Flavokavines (A, B, C) in  Cultivars of Kava Using HPLC  Unknown SAMe Method – Submission  Pending  Unknown Skullcap Method – Submission  Pending  Determination of active Vitamin B12  (Cobalamin) in Dietary Supplements and  Ingredients by Reversed‐phase Liquid  Chromatography: Single‐laboratory  validation 

Michael Chan, Elizabeth Mudge, Paula Brown 


Paula N. Brown, Jamie Finley, Ronan Yu and  Michael Chan (BCIT) 


Hee‐Won Park, Gyo In, Sung‐Tai Han, Myoung‐ Woo Lee, So‐Young Kim, Kyung‐Tack Kim, Byung‐ Goo Cho, Gyeong‐Ho Han, and Il‐Moo Chang  (Waters)  Paula N. Brown, Ying Liu, Jensen A. Lund, Susan J.  Murch (BCIT) 



Yijn Tang and Chris Fiends (Applied Food  Sciences, Inc.) 


V. Lebot, T.K.T. Do, L. Legendre


Joseph Zhou, Sunshineville Health Products   


Sidney Sudberg, Alkemist Labs 

Xiao Qiu – Eurofins Supplement Analysis Center,  Eurofins Scientific, Inc.   Haoshu Zhang – Eurofins Supplement Analysis  Center, Eurofins Scientific, Inc.   Hillel Brandes – MilliporeSigma   Teresa Marsala – MilliporeSigma  Katherine Stenerson– MilliporeSigma  Hugh Cramer– MilliporeSigma  Hong You* – Eurofins Supplement Analysis  Center, Eurofins Scientific, Inc.  


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