make the right connection

At Lapp Group, we understand the critical role our brand and products play in a wide array of industries and manufacturing applications. Our business partners depend on the quality, performance, and durability of our connectivity solutions to keep their facilities and lines up and running, even in the most demanding conditions. Connect to an impressive, high-quality product line. Electric drives are found in a range of industrial applications, and servo motors and drives are fundamental building blocks for automating complex processes. Servo drives are purpose- designed to meet challenging requirements for the precision and dynamics of the system or application. Specifically, servo drives are characterized by the following features:

• High position accuracy • Wide speed adjustment range • Responsive to dynamic changes • Compact design • Low weight

Properly installing servo motors and drives requires technical know-how and the right components to minimize EMC issues and reduce downtime. Lapp has designed and produced a wide range of servo cables, cable glands, and connectors— outlined in this brochure—that will help make a reliable connection in your installations that utilize servo motors and drives. Save time and money by increasing your machine’s overall efficiency with Lapp Group’s high quality, reliable servo cabling solutions.

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