Our Mission Our mission is to spread our passion for plants by offering a unique collection of perennials, produced in an environmentally responsible manner, that will contribute to our customers’ growing success. We consider our employees, suppliers and customers to be our trusted partners in the perennial business and hold our relationships with them in the highest regard, servicing all with integrity and kindness. Our Guarantee It’s simple. You want to receive exactly what you ordered on the ship date you requested. We guarantee to do our very best to meet your expectations and ship plants that are healthy, viable, and true to name. We will not substitute a different variety unless you specifically ask us to do so. If you encounter any trouble with your order, please contact us immediately so we can help. Growing Plants with Integrity Sustainability isn’t just a buzz word at Stonehouse Nursery. We live it every day in the way we treat our plants, our staff and our customers. We live and work on this land, and we want our local environment to remain healthy for generations to come. Our farm is—and has always been—free of neonicotinoids. For over twenty years, beneficial insects and biologicals have been our first line of defense for combating pests in our greenhouses. Our integrated pest management system helps catch many issues before they progress. Our facilities meet quarantine standards for Japanese beetles, allowing us to ship year-round to customers with this restriction. By planting our stock early, we allow plenty of time to let nature work her magic to grow naturally lush plants. Micronutrients are applied early in production to get our plants off to a strong start. Then we lighten up the feedings as winter approaches to give plants time to naturally shut down for winter. Strong roots grown with integrity. That’s what you can count on every time you partner with Stonehouse Nursery. NO Neonics


Full Sun

 Part Shade

 Full Shade

 LowWater Usage

 Moderate Water Usage

 High Water Usage

 Deer Resistant

 Rabbit Resistant


 Attracts butterflies

 Attracts hummingbirds


Featured on the Cover: Monarda d. ‘ Purple Rooster’, p. 55 © 2018 Stonehouse Nursery, LLC

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