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Body Sculpt Oil: Uniquely blended and formulated with new generation Squalane and Squalane oils which help to fill in the deficits of fatty acid and ceramide values that skin loses over time, addressing the rebalance of skin to a firmer, softer, more hydrated and healthier state. Hand Sculpt Cream: Concentrated, emollient anti-age hand cream formulated with nine anti-age actives that work to help firm, soften, and brighten hands, addressing the restorative appearance of hands’ youthful qualities. Sundown Body Gel: Formulated to help energize skin with a refreshing, cooling, and soothing sensation while being enhanced with actives that help to prolong skin’s environmental defense post UV exposure. Body Sculpt Lotion: An indulgent, hydrating lotion that actively works with adipose management ingredients to help soften the appearance of cellulite, tone and sculpt areas that desire a more smooth and firm appearance in the short-term as well as prolonged preventive care. Volu-Lift Lotion: Highly concentrated formula with multifaceted body sculpting ingredients that work to help firm and plump up the essential, youthful qualities in three areas of the body: derriere, décolleté, and neck.

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Body Sculpt Lotion

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Body Sculpt Oil

Hand Sculpt Cream Sundown Body Gel

Volu-Lift Lotion

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