IG7 Ion Cannon-Ion Generator Kit


Ramsey Electronics Model No. IG7 Have you ever wondered how those ion air cleaners work? Ever wonder why the air smells so fresh after a thunderstorm? This instructional manual takes you through several ion related experiments that you can play with to see for yourself how amazing ions are, their health benefits, and health risks. Also make a working air cleaner for the water closet when done!  ION power supply with adjustable control for a clean source of high voltage DC. Not a pulsed output like some so-called ION supplies.  ION supply capable of delivering 7.5 kV with 400 uA max current output.  Runs from 10V to 18VDC while drawing about 350 mA or less; run from a battery for portable use or in the car.  Waterproof casing; no assembly of high-voltage portion necessary!  Great for science fairs, high energy capacitor charging, and many experiments requiring “static” voltages.  Perfect for exciting Van Degraff generator belts!  Includes circuit board for making your own ion wind generator. DANGER Rams y Customer Use Only Not For Publication

HIGH VOLTAGE See instruction manual before operation

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