Video Microscope

LAPP USA engineers use Video Microscope to analyze cable insulation and jacket

HIGH DEGREE OF ACCURACY A Video Microscope, also known as an optical comparator, takes numerous measurements of a cable’s insulation or jacket cross section. This high- tech piece of equipment provides much greater accuracy than measurements taken by hand using a caliper or other manual devices. Our video microscope also has 3 camera sizes, providing the ability to measure a wide range of sample sizes up to 6 inches in diameter. IMPORTANT MESAUREMENTS The outer and inner insulation diameters are valuable measurements used to determine the minimum, maximum, and average wall thickness of a sample. For safety it is important that the minimum point jacket or insulation wall thickness is not below the minimum value set by regulatory agencies.

The Video Microscope also provides another important measurement: concentricity. Concentricity refers to how centered the inside is relating to the outside. This is important because if a cable or conductor is not concentric, the wall thickness will vary which can cause one of two problems. One possible issue is that there will be a low spot on the insulation wall thickness causing potential safety issues. Another possibility is that the low spot will still be in tolerance of the specification, but the conductor or jacket becomes oversized due to the excess material.


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