Video Microscope

The data and characteristics gathered with the Video Microscope are used in a range of important compliance and quality activities. One example is for use with a Tensile and Elongation tester. Tensile & elongation is of the most basic requirements that cables must meet after being produced. The T&E tester stretches the cable and records the breaking strength and elongation percent of the material. LAPP materials must be in compliance with un-aged testing, and should also perform after aging in oil or air. The information collected using the Video Microscope provides the initial-dimensions material before testing begins. This measurement is used to calculate the material’s tensile strength. Also, product samples sent out for UC, CSA and other approvals must meet strict requirements. The Video Microscope helps engineers ensure our samples meet those requirements.


Engineering uses another tool that compliments the Video Microscope: the cable O-ring cutter. This device slices a cross segment from a cylindrical/tubular cable jacket or conductor insulation. The result is a very flat, and often very thin cross-section of the insulation. This sample is then analyzed using the Video microscope. Although cable can be sliced by hand, the O-ring cutter provides far more precision and consistency because any inconsistencies in the cross-section -- including too thick, not flat, cuts along the edge -- will affect the results. If the sample is not prepared correctly, the Video Microscope’s high precision cannot be utilized to its fullest potential.


Using the Video Microscope, LAPP is able to identify materials used on competitor samples. The wall thicknesses allow us to review regulatory standards and narrow down the type of material used based on the dimensional requirements of the standard and that which is measured with the Video Microscope.


The Video Microscope provides very accurate data on cable jacket and insulation samples, which is used in many ways to help the Engineering department maintain the high quality of LAPP products today, and innovate to improve the quality of LAPP products in the future.

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