2017 Purolator Premium Oil Brochure

PurolatorBOSS ™ Oil Filters PurolatorBOSS premium oil filters are the next generation in oil filtration, delivering maximum engine protection. BOSS features exclusive SmartFUSION Technology ™ for extended mileage and performance. It’s engineered to work well with all oil types and is the ideal match for full synthetic oils and synthetic blends. Choose PurolatorBOSS ™ for these driving conditions: • Heavy, congested traffic • Frequent short trips and stop-and-go driving • Maximum towing needs — extreme loads or frequent use • Frequent off-roading • Extreme climates — hot or cold • Extensive engine idling and frequent engine stops • Mountainous terrain The coverage you need: • Top VIO coverage focused on popular, newer applications and pickup trucks • 34 SKUs offering 92% VIO coverage • Covers over 200 million vehicles

An industry-first and patent-pending design, the new

PurolatorBOSS Oil Filter “Hex Box” packaging provides

more structural strength, improved product stabilization

and a visually striking brand presentation. Special foils and

finishes optimize the increased outer surface area, allowing

for greater clarity and delivery of key product facts.

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