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By Chris Morrison David Cameron, former British Prime Minister from 2010-16, called on busi- ness and political leaders to recognize the cultural and economic forces that have led to a surge in populism around the globe, and for the mainstream to address the root causes of this movement. “Too many people have been left behind, and we need to act on that,” he said. Cameron sat with James Greenwood, president and CEO of the Biotechnology Innovation Organization, for a wide ranging discussion about his political career, Brit- ain’s decision to leave the European Union, the early days of the Trump presidency, and the global crisis of terrorism. He also talked about inspirations and turning points in his personal life, including the 2009 death David Cameron on Brexit, Trump, Game of Thrones

Congratulations to Erin Smith, winner of this year’s BioGENEius Challenge for her project, A Novel Telemedicine Diagnostic Tool for Parkinson’s Disease: Digital Bio- markers from Spontaneous and Posed Facial Expressions. Presenting her award are Jay P. Siegel, M.D., Chief Biotechnology Officer and Head, Sci- entific Strategy and Policy (left) and Dr. Lawrence Mahan, President, Biotechnology Institute.

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