Autumn Organic Insights Magazine 2021


IT WAS ONLY 26 YEARS AGO THIS YEAR THAT WOMEN EARNT THE RIGHT TO CALL THEMSELVES FARMERS IN AUSTRALIA. GASP! STATISTICS SHOW THAT MORE AND MORE WOMEN ARE TAKING UP THE CHALLENGE, AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, ARE EMBRACING ECOLOGICALLY BASED PRACTICES ON THEIR FARMS. This is no gender war, but whether male or female, traits associated with the feminine – instinct and nurturing, viewing systems from a holistic perspective; a focus on personal, community, and environmental health – go hand in hand with a regenerative approach. So, let’s celebrate 4 fine women of Regenerative Agriculture!

RACHEL WARD Rachel Ward is known to many in

Australia for her work as an actress, feature filmmaker and director. A self-confessed ‘newbie’ to regenerative agriculture, Rachel has been on a personal journey of learning over the last 18 months, with the filming of her first feature documentary, Standing on the Soilution. It’s a pathway to the future that she wants to share with the World. The making of the documentary was driven by Rachel’s acute awareness of the impacts of climate change, and growing concern for the future, brought into sharper focus with the Black Summer bushfires, and arrival of a new grandchild. “The likely extinctions, social upheaval we will see by 2050, it’s really scarey,” she says. Rachel was faced with the realisation that she could no longer offset responsibility for the perils that threaten our planet, and knowing, that as an individual, she could do something about it.

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