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different stages in their regenerative journey.” Kim believes the success of the program extends far beyond the completed modules. “We are building a supportive network of like-minded women, and empowering these women to grow in confidence, to see the value they have to offer in their own businesses and communities.” “We know that women are inherently social connectors, to home, family and community.” “So, we are building a learning eco-system and community of practice where we learn from each other.” “It’s magic!” A common theme that Kim finds, however, is that women lack confidence. Having the confidence in the vision, their value and expertise, and having the confidence to share it. “Too often, you have women who feel they aren’t qualified or don’t know enough to speak,” she says. “Part of building this network has been enabling women to discover where they fit, and empowering themwith the knowledge to help teach others.” Kim believes that integrating the female perspective is so important. “There are many women interested in regenerative farming. It fits with the female perspective, with greater concerns over chemicals in the environment, and how that impacts their family’s health and plays out in the community.”

“Having said that, there are also many men who are embracing regenerative agriculture as well and wanting to adapt.” “At the end of the day, everyone is an individual and it’s important for men and women to work together, to draw on, and integrate each other’s inherent strengths.” Now that regenerative agriculture has hit a wave of popularity, Kim says (tongue in cheek) that it may be time for her to find something ‘even weirder’ to do. “I feel the urge to not be ‘normal’, to push the boundaries again,” she laughs. But on a serious note, she does caution newcomers seeking quick answers. “Many people are looking for someone to tell themwhat to do”, she says. “A regenerative approach provides the tools and practices, not the answers, it is about changing the questions we ask,” she says. “The journey is unique and individualised and requires a large degree of personal growth.” “It requires a change in the way you look at everything, to taking a holistic approach to see the connections between the farm and the financial, human and ecological aspects.” Further Information Find out more about the Platefull program for women growing food and fibre using regenerative agriculture. Find out about the work Kim does with Integrity Soils here

UPCOMING COMMUNITY EVENT WITH KIM DEANS CONTINUING BUSHFIRE RECOVERY KEMPSEY NSW REGION NASAA Organic in conjunction with MLA, have invited Kim Deans to speak about Regenerative Agriculture. This free community event is designed to support individuals with properties that were either directly impacted by the bushfires, or others who are taking the opportunity to consider more sustainable solutions, on how to effectively design their property to be more resilient for future drought and bushfires.

BOOK NOW - NUMBERS ARE STRICTLY LIMITED Date: 13th May 2021 | Location: Kempsey RSL | Contact: Kate Parker on 08 7231 7704

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