June/July E-Newsletter


The theme of the 2016 SEIU International Convention was #SEIUnstoppable. With more than 3000 SEIU members from the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and guests from around the world, the power or the collective fighting for the rights of workers was strong, inspiring and unstoppable. The Canadian Convention was held on Friday, May 20 where locals from all across Canada met, re-committed to working together for a just society (Canadian Resolution), and re-elected Canadian members to the International Executive Board. Throughout the duration of the convention, our SEIU Healthcare brothers and sisters put us on the map by actively sharing their voices and standing in solidarity with thousands of fellow activists, to move forward together for all workers. Together we are SEIUnstoppable! SEIU IS UNSTOPPABLE: EXPERIENCES FROM THE 2016 SEIU INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION COBO CENTER, DETROIT, MICHIGAN, MAY 20 - 24

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