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Roofing Proposal and Contract

To: Dell Homes LLC

Date: 9/28/2017 Phone: 531.1703

Attention: Sylvia Della Cioppa


Model: Moreno Custom

Job Location: 15675 E Marsh Station Road


We hereby propose to furnish materials and labor necessary for the completion of Tile Roofing for the amount(s) as follows:

18,790.00 $

Eighteen Thousand Seven Hundred Ninety Dollars

Additional Description, Contract Inclusions:

1. Install Concrete roof tile. 2. Apply 40# base sheet nailed. 3. Seal all roofing penetrations. 4. Apply 'Z' metal and edge metal where needed. 5. Install 1x2 battens if needed. 6. Clean roof and grounds of any roofing debris upon completion. 7. There is a two (2) year guarantee on the workmanship. 8. O'Hagin vents are $135.00 each in addition unless noted above.

General Conditions: 1. We shall not be held responsible for any damages, delays, or any other causes beyond our control. Including acts of nature. 2. Any changes in the plans and specifications which require additional labor and/or materials will necessitate an additional charge. 3. There are no promises, agreements or understandings not expressed in the proposal and this constitutes the entire contract. 4. Right is expressly reserved to suspend or withdraw this proposal until we are satisfied as to the continued financial responsibility of the purchaser. 5. Payment is due upon completion. Sales tax has not been included in any prices and will be figured in to the final invoice price. The quoted contract price will be honored for 25 days from the date of this document.

Respectfully submitted;

Signature _______________________________ Mark Wright Roofing

Acceptance of Proposal: The above prices, specifications and conditions are satisfactory and hereby accepted. You are authorized for us to work as specified. Please sign and return your authorization.

Date _________________________

Signature ___________________________


DELL Moreno Custom 17-185 9/28/2017

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