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Hughes QuickTakes

The Network is Key to Real-time Retailing A recent survey of U.S. retailers by Boston Retail Partners (BRP) indicates that improving payment security, promoting unified commerce and imple- menting faster networks are some of their top IT priorities in 2015. Hughes brought that research to life with a series of videos featuring BRP Principal, Ken Morris, explaining the most important implications of this market shift for retailers. “The future is this sort of ‘Amazon expe- rience’ at the store level...When you’re standing in front of me, I have customer Wi-Fi in the store. I identify who you are. You opt in because you like my brand.

20th Anniversary Celebration in India On March 30, 2015 Hughes Communica- tions India Limited (HCIL), a subsidiary of Hughes, announced its 20 year anniver- sary providing high quality services to its Indian customers. Over the years, HCIL has maintained its leading market share of the enterprise VSAT market in India, with more than 100,000 terminals in operation. Its diverse customer base now exceeds 350 enterprises across a wide range of market verticals, including Banking, Telecom, Retail, Brokering, Government, Defense, and Online Distance Learning, operating in more than 2000 cities and towns.

I immediately know what’s in your closet. I know what you’ve looked at online. And I can present to you what you’re most likely to buy at a price you’re most likely to spend...With that comes the need for increased bandwidth,” Morris said. Hughes was a gold sponsor of BRP’s POS/ Customer Engagement Benchmarking Survey . Research revealed that faster, more secure networking is one key technology enabling real-time retailing. Just as the banking industry learned that it can reinvent the banking experience using faster, experience-enhancing technologies (ATMs connected by a network), retailers are seeking new ways to engage customers.

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