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Wagner Equipment introduces Caterpillar EMSolutions into Colorado, New Mexico and Far West Texas.

I n southeastern Colorado, a fleet of scrapers is working diligently to complete a project. The equipment manager is 200 miles away on a separate job and his phone rings; “Bill, this is Mark from Wagner Equipment. We need to talk to the operator of unit 4 working on the Prowers county jobsite. I just received a Level 3 alert that the engine has been stalled.” Bill replied, “I know exactly which operator is on that machine and I will handle this. Thanks for the call.” Caterpillar EMSolutions are technology- enabled solutions that help customers stay connected with their equipment to help monitor information such as location, fuel burn, and utilization, as well as health and maintenance issues like hours, fluid contamination, and more. Customers are gaining increased uptime and lower operating costs utilizing EMSolutions.

“Our EMSolutions team at Wagner has demonstrated a reduction in expense for several customers utilizing these solutions, and we have been increasing our capacity as more customers are hearing about the value they provide .” Dana Dominiack , EMSolutions Manager at Wagner Equipment.

The team at Wagner has been working hard to increase our capabilities in the equipment management area. We have built a world-class fluids lab and condition monitoring center to service our customers, and we are increasing See EMSOLUTIONS Page 6

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