Keratitis? Sounds Like Herpes to Me


Keratitis? Sounds like herpes

Aaron Bronner OD FAAO Diplomate of Academy

Keratitis?...sounds like herpes

• HSV is a significant public health problem • HSV is one of the most common infections to humans • Across the globe, 60%-100% of the adult population has evidence of HSV-1 • Approximately 500,000 people in US have ocular herpes • Up to 40,000 cases per year progressing to significant vision loss

Keratitis?....sounds like herpes

• Herpes Simplex keratitis is one of the most common corneal pathologies treated at PCLI Kennewick… • The disease is well known by optometry • However, most herpetic cases we are referred are diagnosed as “unspecified keratitis” • This implies a disconnect in our clinical knowledge

http://webeye.ophth.uio ages/HSV- keratitis/index.htm


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