(PDF) HK035-Dr SYS Huang Ming Fong



2019 1941 (11 Mar.) A cover from Shanghai to USA, bearing various SYS issues, including New York print 1/2c, 1c, surcharged on SYS 3c on 5c x 2, 4c on 5c x 2 (one stamp slightly damaged at the bottom right) HK print Martyrs 1/2c, SYS Chung Hwa print 5c and 30c. Tied by bilingual ‘SHANGHAI’ cds. Photo HK$ 500 - 800 2020 1941 (25 May) A domestic air mail cover from Shapingba reg. to Shanghai, on front bearing SYS surcharged 3c on 5c on SYS Dah Tung print and SYS Dah Tung print 8c x 2, on reverse with HK print Martyrs 1/2c in pair, surcharged 3c on 5c on SYS Dah Tung print x 2, Dah Tung print 5c, 30c and SYS New York print 10c, each tied by char. ‘POSTAL SAVING/SHAPINGBA’ ‘ 郵政儲金/ 沙平壩 ’ cds. Photo HK$ 2,200 - 2,500



2021 1941 (29 May) A cover from Shanghai to England, via Pacific, on reverse bearing SYS print 10c x 3 and Dah Tung print 50c, tied by bilingual ‘SHANGHAI’ cds, due to war in Europe, most of the mail from China to Europe travelled via the Pacific ocean. Photo HK$ 400 - 500 2022 1941 (11 June) An air mail cover from Chungking reg. to USA. On reverse bearing SYS New York print $2 in pair and $5, both with Anti-Bandit violet char. ‘East Szechwan’ ‘ 東川 ’ tied by char. ‘EAST SZECHWAN/CHUNGKING’ cds, ‘HONOLULU/22.7.41’ transit and ‘CCLEVELAND/25.6.41’ arrival cds. A small tear at the back flap affecting two cancellations. Photo HK$ 1,800 - 2,200


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