(PDF) HK035-Dr SYS Huang Ming Fong


2185 1943 (2 Mar.) A censor cover from Chungking reg. to New York, USA, via Kweiyang. Bearing HK print air mail 50c, SYS Chung Hwa print $1, Central Trust print $2 and New York print $5 x 3, tied by bilingual ‘CHUNGKING’ cds, with India ‘DHF/4’ and ‘DHF/5’ censor chop in violet, on reverse with ‘MIAMI/6.5.43’ transit and ‘MARYKNOLL/8.5.43’ arrival cds. This cover mail route was China-India-South Africa-USA. With Experts & Consultants cert. 2014. Photo HK$ 4,000 - 5,000



2186 1943 (29 Mar.) An air mail censor cover from Kweiyang reg. to USA, bearing the SYS Chung Hwa print 5c, HK print Martyrs 20c in pair, SYS Central Trust print $2 dark green and SYS NewYork print high value $10, both tied by char. ‘KWEICHOW/KWEIYANG’ cds, with ‘Opened By Examiner’ censor label on reverse, small defects, tied by ‘MIAMI/7.5.43’ transit and ‘OBERLIN/10.5.43’ arrival cds. Photo HK$ 800 - 1,000 2187 1943 (16 Apr.) A censor cover from Canton reg. to Nagoya, bearing overprinted ‘Special For Use In Kwangtung District’ on SYS New York print 1c, and ‘For Use In Kwangtung Province’ on SYS New York print 8c, Chung Hwa print 3c, Dah Tung print 30c, tied by bilingual ‘CANTON S.O.7’ cds. with Imperial Japanese censor label and tied by bisected single ring ‘Censorship No.4’ cancel in black. 16c for Domestic rate and 26c for Domestic reg. fee. Photo HK$ 600 - 1,000


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