(PDF) HK035-Dr SYS Huang Ming Fong



2188 1941 (8 Apr.) An air mail cover from Kunming reg. to New York, USA, on reverse bearing SYS Chung Hwa print $1 x 4, New York print $1 in pair and $5 x 3, both tied by bilingual ‘KUNMING’ cds. With serval faint USA transit and ‘NEW YORK/21.4.43’ oval cancel. ‘Opened By Examiner’ censor label. Photo HK$ 600 - 800 2189 1943 (14 Apr.) An air mail censor cover from Chengtu to Madras, India, on reverse bearing SYS Central Trust print 25c, $2 and New York print $5, both tied by bilingual ‘CHENGTU’ cds, ‘MADRAS/24.4.43’ arrival cds, with ‘Opened Cy Censor 26D’ India censor label, tied by ‘Passed DHD/14’ Crown type censor chop in violet. Fine. Photo HK$ 700 - 1,000


2190 1943 (5 Mar.) An air mail censor cover from Paksha reg. to Canada, on front tied by bilingual ‘R/PAKSHA/No.2797’ ‘ 台山白沙 ’ reg .frame chop in red, on reverse with SYS Central Trust print 20c, $1, New York print 25c, Paicheng print imperf. $10, both tied by faint bilingual ‘PAKSHA’ cds, bilingual ‘KWEILIN’ transit, ‘MIAMI/7.43’, ‘VANCOUVER/12.7.43’, ‘OTTAWA/12.7.43’, ‘CALCARY/13.7.43’ and ‘EDMONTON/14.7.43’ arrival cds. with ‘Opened By Examiner P.C. 90’ censor label, tied by India ‘DHF/20’ censor chop in violet. Censor label partially damaged due to rough opening. Photo HK$ 1,200 - 1,500


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