CJHP July/August 2017


Vol. 70, No. 4 July–August 2017 Pages 257–328 The Canadian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy

Le Journal canadien de la pharmacie hospitalière

Pages 257–328 Vol. 70, n o 4 juillet–août 2017

In this issue / Dans ce numéro : n Point Counterpoint: Stress Ulcer Prophylaxis n International Perspectives: Italy n BPMH Completed by Non-admitted Emergency Patients n Chemical Stability of Plerixafor n Pharmacy Student Facilitation of ADR Reporting n Australia’s First Pharmacist Immunization Pilot n Need for an RCT of Stress Ulcer Prophylaxis in Children n Home Care Pharmacy Practice in Canada n Rivaroxaban-Induced Hypersensitivity Syndrome n Pharmacist Performance of Physical Assessment n Tubing Flush or Preconditioning with IV Infusion of Insulin

Cadboro Bay, Victoria British Columbia

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