Cleanline An introduction to Cleanline

Clean and simple Cleanline is an exclusive brand from Bunzl Catering Supplies manufactured in the UK and designed specifically for the catering and hospitality industry. A simple and cost effective solution for routine cleaning tasks in the kitchen, Cleanline removes the confusion that often goes hand-in-hand with traditional chemicals. Matching our Cleanline cleaning products to your routine cleaning tasks, we will provide the minimum number of products to tackle the maximum amount of tasks. You may be surprised by how few cleaning products you actually need – one cleaning product will often do several tasks. Cleanline offers a three tier solution to meet the requirements of different sized foodservice operations. For low volume use, Cleanline offers a range of ready to use cleaning products where no dilution is required. For medium and high volume use, the Cleanline Super range provides concentrated and super concentrated cleaning products that are diluted by the customer on site into pre-printed trigger spray bottles.

A three tier offer meets the needs of different sized operations, large or small, and includes: Low volume use Ready to use: no dilution required • The best option for smaller sized operations, serving less than 50 meals per day • Clearly labelled and ready to use trigger or squeezy bottles • Used neat - no need to mix with water Medium volume use Concentrate: dilute via pelican pump • The best option for medium sized operations, serving between 50 and 250 meals per day • Clearly labelled regular concentrates in larger bottles ready to dilute • Simple dilution via an inexpensive pelican pump system High volume use Super concentrate: dilute via multidose dispenser • The best option for large sized operations, serving more than 250 meals per day • Ready for clean and precise dilution through a controlled wall-mounted dosing system • A push pump system is clearly labelled through a number and colour code system

Low Volume Use

Medium Volume Use

High Volume Use

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