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MALL OF THE NORTH The project, Light Steel Framing ETICS construction for new anchor tenant H&M at the the Mall of The North consisted of moving JET Stores to a newly constructed trading position, then gutting the vacant area after constructing internal security walls of approximately 9 000 mm high which secured JET Stores merchandise from theft and dust damage.

• Company entering: Thanda Gubha Projects • Client: Resilient REIT • Contract value: R2 324 066 • Start date: August 2016 • End date: February 2017 • Main contractor: Belo & Kies Construction • Architect: MDS Architecture • Principal agent: MDSA Project Management • Quantity surveyors: Norval Wentzel Steinberg • Consulting engineer: L&S Consulting the system to adapt to climatic conditions. In winter, it blocks the moisture generated inside the cladded area, preventing moisture from penetrating through the cladding, and in summer, it allows the moisture to escape outside the cladding, eliminating ingress. EPS polystyrene is finally secured to the structure, capped with am EPS coping, secured at the base with pre-rolled specific flashings. Once completed, the cladding is plastered: first with a coat using therm base coat, bonded with imbedded mesh, and finished off with a final coat of therm base coat, leaving the system ready for a final Marmoran skim textured plaster in any color requested by the designer. The technology behind ETICS is innovative, relatively new to South Africa, and is a system that Thanda Gubha grew comfortable with pre-2010.

The bulk of the project works for Thanda Gubha Projects consisted of closing the back of the H&M trading area by using light steel framing, clad on one side in fire rated gypsum to the approximate height of 6 000 mm while the external face was clad in a thermal cladding named ETICS to an approximate height of 9 000 mm. This followed out onto the HVAC decks designated to H&M and JET stores. It also included the construction of surrounding walls to stop the public from seeing the HVAC industrial plant, while still accommodating elements of the equipment within the walls to allow functionality in light steel framing. The system consists of light steel framing, pre-designed and detailed off site, approved and signed off by a registered

structural engineer. Thereafter the CAD design is transferred to a roll former, producing the steel sections manufactured to exact measurements originally measured off site. The roll out will form, pre-punch and code each component from floor tracks to studs and horizontal members, not excluding the engineered bracing which allows ease when installing. Each component refers to the original CAD design. Once erected utilising floor anchors which are approved by the engineer to withstand a particular area’s historic wind loadings, the system is clad in 0,5 mm steel sheeting, overlapped at joints. Thereafter the ISOVER vario membrane (supplied by Saint-Gobain) is secured firmly across the entire internal and external face to allow

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