The necessity for some such work as the present has been long felt by many. Great detriment has accrued to the Presbyterian Church, from the want of that indoctrination in the principles of her worship and polity, which it is surely her duty to provide for all, who commit themselves and their offspring to her teaching and guidance. Her members and children have been attached to her, not so much by those ties of principle and conviction, which prove firm and enduring, as by merely local and personal considerations, which form, in times of difficulty, but a feeble bond of attachment. Other churches are diligent in their efforts to imbue the young mind with the knowledge of all their doctrinal peculiarities; and if this is done in a spirit of charity and Christian brotherhood, will it not promote, rather than prevent, that perfect Christian union for which we hope? That this work, which was drawn up at the suggestion of some leading members of our church, is altogether what is needed, the author can hardly dare to hope. He would still offer it as an attempt, and not as a full accomplishment, of all that he believes to be demanded by the necessities of the church. He has used every effort to procure hints from competent individuals, and would return his thanks to those brethren and gentlemen, who have favored him with their views- Of these he has availed himself, in rendering the work more correct; while, by the subdivision of the chapters, the various topics will, he trusts, be better understood, and more easily comprehended by the learner. To the Rev. Samuel Miller, D.D., the author would especially render thanks, for his kindness in first imposing upon him the preparation of this volume; for his careful revision of it ; and for his valuable suggestions. He has endeavored to render it as full and comprehensive as possible; and, for this purpose, he has availed himself freely of the labors of others. He would particularly refer to the Ecclesiastical Catechisms of Dr. McLeod,

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