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Anatomy, Physiology & Pathophysiology

Memmler’s Structure and Function of the Human Body, 11th Edition Barbara J. Cohen

Based on Memmler’s The Human Body in Health and Disease , this textbook is an excellent introduction that focuses on normal anatomy and physiology. With an accessible design and a robust multimedia electronic ancillary package, the 11th Edition is even more engaging and understandable for students with diverse learning styles. It builds on its solid foundation by seamlessly integrating the placement and relationship of the art and text.

978-1-4963-1772-8 / 512 pp / 290 illus / 50 tables / Oct 2015 / £46.00 / €53.00


Memmler’s The Human Body in Health and Disease, International Edition, 14th Edition Barbara J. Cohen

Updated in content and pedagogy, this 14th Edition of Memmler’s the Human Body in Health and Disease has helped hundreds of thousands of allied health students, including those with little background in science, to master anatomy and physiology. From its pioneering use of phonetic pronunciations to its pedagogically effective skin-to-bone transparencies of the human body, and increased focus on visualization, the new edition continues to set the standard for the one-semester course. This classic text provides beautifully illustrated coverage of the essentials of human anatomy, physiology, and the effects of disease. Throughout the book, anatomical art illustrates concepts with accuracy, simplicity, and elegance; medical case studies enhanced with additional clinical content to demonstrate the relevance of the content to a career in the health professions; and proven pedagogy helps students master the anatomic and medical terminology they will encounter in healthcare settings.

978-1-9751-0201-2 / Dec 2018 / £39.00 / €45.00


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