Alcalá View 1992 9.3

Bennett Earns Runner-Up Honors By Jacqueline Genovese

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USD is in Mercedes Bennett's blood. Along with her parents and five of her siblings, Bennett graduated from USD in 1980, and has worked at Alcala Park for the past 12 years. Attending USD was a natural, says Bennett, because she grew up in the Immaculata Parish and watched the university grow, too. "I remember when the area where the School of Nursing is now was a beautiful gar- den," she says with a smile. Bennett counts her years as a USD student as some of the best. "This campus was so small then," she explains. "Everyone knew everybody else. We had 10 to 20 people in each class ." That experience proved so enjoyable that Bennett decided to stay after grad- uation. She worked in the office of Planned Giving (formerly Trust and Estates) for six years and then moved to Loan Administration, where she has tackled the difficult job of following up on delinquent student loans. It is a job she does well. Bennett was named a runner-up for the 1992 Staff Employee of the Year Award at this summer's Employee Appreciation Picnic. In nominating Bennett for Employee of the Year, Linda Camp, manager in Loan Administration, wrote: "Mercedes...has to contact USD alumni regarding their "past due" student loan accounts, a difficult subject that is not always favorably received ...Mercedes manages to consistently do this in a friendly but firm manner...she has maintained a favorable relationship with alumni over the years in helping them resolve various loan issues." Bennett says she is empathetic with stu-

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Mercedes Bennett dents who have a hard time paying their bills. "I was a student once too," she says, "I understand how hard it can be. We offer our alumni several options in paying the loan back, so they don't feel like they're stuck and can't make a payment." Away from USD, Bennett loves to travel and cook. "My favorite country is Italy, because their food is so good! I love traveling in Europe, because of all the history there." Bennett also loves music and singing. She is a member of the USD Community Choir and the Immaculata Contemporary Choir. Bennett says she feels lucky to have even been nominat- ed for the Employee of the Year Award. "There are so many people on this cam- pus who work so hard, and never get any recognition. I would like to repre- sent all of the people who are also deserving but didn't get nominated."

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