Decommissioning Insight 2020

In the short term, it’s vitally important that we stimulate activity across the oil and gas industry, including in decommissioning, so that work can be conducted on those assets that are “decommissioning ready”. Ensuring a steady, sustainable and predictable workload will keep key portions of the industry in business during these tough times. This is critical if we are to meet our cost targets and key to helping us ensure our world-class supply chain remains anchored in the UK, providing jobs and growing revenue from exports. Driving a collaborative mindset, which has been evident in many of the removal projects executed during 2020, will help ensure that operators and supply chain companies can work together to make the most of the opportunities of the future. This year, we have seen the decommissioning sector demonstrate resilience, determination and innovation in its response to considerable challenges. We will need all these qualities to ensure we can play our role in the energy transition, enabling us to seize the opportunities presented by energy integration, carbon capture and storage and innovation in low-emission decommissioning.

Katy Heidenreich Supply Chain & Operations Director, OGUK



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