MD Business Leadership PAC

November 20, 2017

Consider the following questions: If the Maryland Legislature knows that it can simply override any of Governor Hogan’s vetoes, what incentive does it have to actively consider bills? Is it incentivized to debate, deliberate, and compromise on leading public policy decisions affecting our state? Is it incentivized to hear both sides of an issue and find optimal solutions for Maryland citizens? Or is it incentivized more by political expediency and a desire to influence the next gubernatorial election? ********* Is it good for Maryland that our voting districts have been so deeply manipulated through so- called “gerrymandering” that we are considered one of the worst states a in the nation? Is it okay that such gerrymandering effectively disenfranchises hundreds of thousands of voters of both parties by nullifying their votes? Is it healthy for our democracy that – because of this extreme gerrymandering - politicians can choose their voters, rather than the other way around? Or is it better – and just plain fair for all voters of both parties – to assign redistricting to an impartial, nonpartisan commission as Governor Hogan has proposed?

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By Authority of Maryland Business Leadership Political Action Committee, Mark Cissell, Treasurer

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