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In the News... Handling Office Relocations with Care

“Moving an office requires way more planning than moving a house,” according to an article in the Minnesota-based Finance & Commerce. While residential moves are based on cubic feet and weight of the items, office moves are better estimated in terms of laborers’ hours. READ ARTICLE

Feature Article Lean Logistics in Action

We all know the saying “less is more” however, in the business of Global Logistics, “less” equals LEAN—Lean Six Sigma that is. When the Suddath ® Contract Logistics (CL) team recently embarked on a journey to implement the Lean Six Sigma methodology into their production processes, they knew it would take the right combination of people, processes and culture to be successful. Lean Six Sigma is a powerful, proven method of improving business efficiency and effectiveness. It relies on a collaborative team effort to improve

performance and reduce waste associated with the flow of materials and information in a process from beginning to end. The goal of Lean is to identify and eliminate non-essential and non-value-added steps in the business process in order to streamline production, improve quality and gain customer loyalty. “Our Lean Six Sigma roll-out is expected to be a game changer for Contract Logistics,” explains Dan DeSoto, president of Global Logistics. “There are many benefits of adopting Lean Six Sigma for Suddath. By implementing this process nationwide at our logistics warehouses, we will create efficiencies, standardize work culture and ensure a consistent workflow. While there will always be differentiations in the marketplace, when there is consistency across the division and locations, customers and prospective customers can be confident that the same quality and management standards are being implemented across the board.”


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