2018 RETA Breeze Nov-Dec

The Most Elite Installation Contractors In North America


We take great pride in associating with these companies. We very much appreciate the fact they are a part of our organization, and we are honored they aspire to represent Frick Industrial Refrigeration. Our product is only as good as the people who design it, build it and install it. It’s not all about the machinery, it’s about the dedicated people who make and install our renowned equipment.

Fifty of the best design, installation and service contractors in North America make up what we call our Frick Factors. They are sophisticated businesses that have strong engineering backgrounds and a great deal of field experience. You become a Frick Factor by invitation. They work hard to become a Factor and take great pride in being a member of an elite team. It is validation that they are at the pinnacle of their game and they represent the best and the brightest in our industry.

Frick, the leader in Industrial Refrigeration.

Buy with confidence, specify Frick.


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