Continuing Education Required for All Active License Renewals

Record Keeping Requirements for All Active Licensees Real estate brokers, principal brokers and property managers must keep their own records of continuing education. All certificates of attendance and a com- pleted Continuing Education Record form must be kept for three years after the active license renewal date for which the continuing education hours were used. Licensees are required to provide cop- ies of the certificates of attendance and/ or the Continuing Education Record form upon request by the Agency. Do not send certificates of attendance or the Continuing Education Record form to theAgency unless the Agency asks for them. Inactive Licensees Licensees are not required to complete continuing education for inactive license renewal. Within the two years prior to reac- tivating a license, the licensee must complete at least 27 hours of continuing education and the three-hour LARRC.

All real estate licensees need to take 30 hours of continuing education during the licens- ing period before an active license renewal. Licensing periods generally run two years, but first-time license renewals can be as short as 13 months. Courses must be taken from Certified Continuing Education Providers. Brokers and Property Managers Renewing Active for First Time Brokers and property managers must com- plete an advanced practices course and the Law and Rule Required Course (LARRC) to renew their active license for the first time. See “Advanced Practices Course Required for New Brokers and Property Managers” on page 6. Brokers, Principal Brokers and Property Managers Renewing Active (Not a First-Time Renewal) Principal broker, brokers and property managers must complete the 3-hour LARRC course and at least 27 hours of eligible con- tinuing education for each license renewal.

Editor’s Note: The L a w a n d R u l e s Requ i r ed Cour se (LARRC) is a specific course. The content of LARRC is approved by the Oregon Real Estate Board. Only three-hour courses called “Law and Rule Required Course” offered by certified continuing education providers will count toward the LARRC requirement.

Editor’s Note: The Oregon Real Estate Agency will be con- ducting continuing education record au- dits, beginning in No- vember for October license renewers. See “CEAudits Start with October Renewals” on page 1.

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October 2013


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