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OFFICIAL NEWSLETTER OF THE INTERNATIONAL WIRE & MACHINERY ASSOCIATION WIRE & CABLE NEWS Spring 2010 ISSUE N° 42 Merging SZ with sheathing Rosendahl has further developed its technologies to merge its system SZ technology (for stranding sector-shaped conductors) with a sheathing process, all in one line. The excellent result of the finished power cable can be observed on the take-up reel.

Using SZ technology, where no heavy mass is in rotation, the working principle is the same as in conventional helical stranding systems. The payoffs and take-ups stands in the line are stationary reelers, needing no special foundation. The non-rotating reeler also helps to improve the line efficiency due to a very fast and simple reel loading and unloading cycle. As the reel does not have to be transferred between the stranding and the sheathing process, time and space saving is guaranteed. There is also no limitation for the size of take-up so a longer product length can be held on larger take-up reels. The advantage of non-rotating machinery provides a safe working area for operators and reduces maintenance.

Rosendahl’s SZ technology ▲ ▲

wire Düsseldorf stand: 9A74

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Website : www.rosendahlaustria.com

New decade, new look, renewed support for members

Düsseldorf, Shanghai and Mumbai at which all participants will be looking for further encouraging signs that the economic recovery is truly under way. The IWMA will be providing support services to members at all of these events. The IWMA takes this opportunity to thank all members who renewed their membership in 2009 for their continued support and all new members who joined last year. Your association is pleased that all were able to take advantage of the ‘two years for the price of one’ offer on membership fees that we extended as part of our anniversary celebrations.

To mark the new decade and to coincide with its 40 th anniversary year the IWMA has given WCN a fresh, new look, which we hope will appeal to our world- wide readership. 2010 promises to be an exciting one for the IWMA as we celebrate our anniversary around the globe with events in the UK (industry lunch), Germany (gala dinner at wire Düsseldorf) and China (drinks reception at wire China in Shanghai). In addition there is the publication of an anniversary book of the IWMA’s history (see page 9). However, 2010 will also be a very busy one for the association and for the industry with major exhibitions in


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