MEZCAL LA HERENCIA DE SANCHEZ Ponche de Frutas Made with Agave Espadin. This unique, protein-less, recipe is based on the traditional “Ponche” or holiday punch that is made in December. All the ingredients, the fruits - green apples, guavas, tejocotes (kind like a crab-apple), cinnamon and prunes - are cooked prior to their inclusion. This is a limited annual release. 30199647 REAL MINERO Cuishe Four generations of the Angeles Carreño family, from Santa Catarina Minas, have devoted themselves to creating limited quantities of handcrafted mezcal, produced principally from eight varieties of agave/maguey (ma’gay) and distilled in ollas de barro, or clay pots. The ancestral distillation techniques and inherited knowledge, the drive for perfection, and unique qualities of regionally sourced maguey create a highly acclaimed artisanal elixir. 30196256 MEZCALOSFERA BY MEZCALOTECA Espadin Con Cocao Made by Margarito Cortes, who comes from a family that has been producing mezcal for generations. He is known for experimenting with the addition of different ingredients in an extra third distillation, similar to a Pechuga. For this mezcal, he added Cacao. The agave were roasted with mesquite and encino wood. It was fermented for eight days and distilled in a cobre con refrescadera still. An absolutely magical mezcal. 30196963

CALLE 23 Criollo

Sophie Decobecq, producer of Calle 23, created Criollo in celebration of her first born child. The name comes from the specific type of blue agave. At full maturity they have a small size, but an amazing concentration of natural agave sugars. A sip reveals notes of citrus, fresh agave, green pepper and dried fruits, that linger in the finish. 30204342 DON ABRAHAM Reposado Organico 100% organically farmed blue agave plants are harvested from the valley of Amatitian, one of the finest growing regions in Jalisco, Mexico. The careful cooking process, fermentation and double distillation result in a product specially made to satisfy the taste of the most demanding connoisseurs. Aged for nine months in oak barrels. 30184660 MEZCALES DE LEYENDA Reservas de La Biosfera Tehuacan This mezcal, from a series dedicated to important National Parks in Mexico, comes from the Tehuacán-Cuicatlán reserve. Produced with Agave Marmorata and Agave Macrocantha. Aromatics like no other mezcal, with hints of grassy green leaves, sweet cooked agave and sea water salinity with just a wisp of smoke. 30196066 MEZCALES DE LEYENDA San Luis Potosi Maguey Verde (aka Agave Salmiana) take 7-10 years to mature. Cooked in well water for 48 hours in above ground clay ovens, this mezcal is devoid of smoke with bright acidity and notes of jalapenos. Natural airborne yeast is used for the fermentation process in ground level cement tanks for five days due to the cooler climate. 30187331

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