Magazine issue 6

Opening remarks

Patient care and practice growth go hand in hand

and advocacy as the new pathway to success. On page 18 , our own culture advocate offers insight into what role culture can play in build- ing patient advocates and more successful practices. In this issue you’ll also read about some of the very tangible ways we’re helping you achieve in-clinic success, including hearing from other HHCPs about how they are using our industry- leading Flex solution to drive greater adoption by increasing patient trust and engagement. (And of course Unitron’s product approach has always has been patient-focused.) We recently put patient care and practice suc- cess at the center of our conversations, work- shops and expert keynote presentations when we met with more than 120 of our hearing healthcare professional customers at our two- day European conference in Vienna. What an incredible opportunity it was to collaborate and share insight and experiences with our customers. And really, there’s nothing more rewarding than spending personal time with you as we work together to achieve success in this new relationship era.

Success. We all strive to achieve it in our per- sonal and professional lives. Yet success is an extraordinarily broad term. Often, by refining our focus, success becomes far better defined, and, in turn, more realizable. We believe – in this very changed and still changing marketplace – that now is a key moment in our industry to refine what success looks like. Our industry has made great strides in product innovation, development and design, yet we believe that substantial growth opportunities really lie in the human side of the equation. It’s more than just a nice idea: it’s backed by scientific proof. That’s why we are placing a huge importance on supporting our customers to enhance the in-clinic patient expe- rience to create new business opportunities. We’ve devoted this issue to in-clinic success – what it means to your practice and how we’re supporting you in offering a great patient expe- rience that can set you and your business apart. A perfect place to start is with our piece on the Relationship Era on page 1 : it examines the shift away from price and product in the suc- cess equation towards building consumer trust

Jan Metzdorff President


1 The Relationship Era has arrived 4 Bringing patient-centered care to life in your practice Perspective

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