HACCP International’s Food Safety Certification for Tork

What is HACCP? HACCP is a common-sense methodology for managing food safety hazards. It is used all over the world by food manufacturers. The methodology underpins all of the ‘world’s best practice’ food safety schemes such as SQF, AIB, BRC and ISO 22000.

How does HACCP International Certification relate to non-food products such as ours? HACCP International high food safety standards don’t just address risks from ingredients and handling processes, they also take into account risks from other sources such as materials and equipment. For these non-food items, food businesses cannot ask their suppliers to have HACCP based food safety programs because they don’t actually make food. In these situations, the food business is obliged to have protocols in place that address any possible risks that could be introduced by items such as equipment and materials. If the food business has this expertise they can do this themselves. When they don’t have the expertise or they want to simplify the process, then they look for 3rd party certification. This confirms to the food business that, the equipment or material is fit for use in food production.. HACCP International’s product certification is designed to meet this precise need.

How does this fit with SCA’s certified products

SCA’s certified products have been evaluated against the requirements of HACCP International by experienced and expert food scientists and HACCP practitioners to ensure that the product is food safe and will not compromise the food safety requirements of food businesses. HACCP International has looked at 10 key criteria which, among others, include the following: – Design – Batch & process controls – Cleanability – Contamination risks – Materials and specifications – Toxicity of the product and its components

Particular to SCA’s dispenser HACCP international understands that SCA has looked closely at design and production requirements of the HACCP International certified Tork Washstation dispensers and refills. Certification not only confirms the food safety attributes of SCA’s products but also identifies SCA as a company that is aware and responsive to the particular needs of the food and beverage industry.

Information sourced from HACCP International’s Food Safety Certification for Tork ® .

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