The Manufacturing Guide for Indie Brands

The ManufacturingGuide for IndieBrands™ Insider Tips to Optimize an Indie Skin Care Brand’s Manufacturing Experience

Today is the perfect time to be excited and proud to be an Indie Brand!

First, your indie brand is the compilation of all your passion and creative ideas to build what is not only a business, but also a personal work of art. Second, indie brands have fewer hoops to jump through than large brands and can be more nimble and competitive when bringing new products to market. Third, consumers are increasingly attracted to indie brands for their innovative products and concepts, along with their commitment to clean formulas, social and ecological issues. Now, more than ever, indie brands are telling their unique stories and are being heard not only by the consumer, but also by multinational brands and equity buyers. If you want to sell your brand someday, is it positioned to be attractive to a multinational and/or equity buyer? Are you enhancing the relationship you have with a manufacturer to be ready for when someone with deep pockets knocks on your door, or simply when you are ready to scale-up production and/or move into international distribution? No or not sure? This guide in its entirety or maybe just in part, is written for you. CoValence is recognized as an ‘Indie Manufacturer’ with formulating, manufacturing, and filling capabilities, as well as other beneficial client services, all located at one location. We are extremely proud to be a pivotal formulating and manufacturing provider for countless indie brands, which have realized their dreams and found success with us, for nearly three decades, and counting . This vast experience continues to guide us to help indie brands with insider tips that strengthen their confidence when working with a manufacturing lab.

Our hope and goal is that you find the following insider tips valuable at optimizing your manufacturing experience.


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