1933 The Merry Mixer by William Guyer

CHAMPAGNE PUNCH Yi lb.Powdered Sugar...i glass Curagao 2 qts. Morlant Champagne 1 qt. Sparkling Mineral Water I glass Brandy I glass Drioli Maraschino Surround punch bowl with crac\ed ice, deco rations, etc. Stir well CLARETPUNCH Vz lb. Powdered Sugar 3 qts. Barton & Guestier Margaux Claret 2 qts. Sparkling Water ^2 pt. Lemon Juice...i glass Curasao Mix in punch bowl. Usual decorations, ice, and other claptrap PLANTER'S PUNCH Juice of I Lime Small glass Bacardi ...Fruit well Pour in tall glass; fill with syphon soda water -k -k -k BRANDY PUNCH Juice of 15 Lemons ... Juice of 4 Oranges iJ4 lbs. Sugar ... pt. Curasao I glass Grenadine ...2 qts. Brandy Place large blocks of ice in punch bowl. Add to above concoction one or two quarts sparkling water. Stir, etc. •k k k


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