1933 The Merry Mixer by William Guyer

REGENT PUNCH I Lemon sliced ... i Orange sliced I can Pineapple and Juice 54 pint Bacardi 54 pint Golden Wedding Rye Whiskey 18 lumps Sugar

Mix in punch bowl; let stand 2 hours in cold place. Add quichly pint of tea, and mix slowly. When ready to serve, add quart of Champagne

RHINEWINE PUNCH 54 lb. Sugar 3 qts. Leiden Hochheimer Rhinewine I qt. Sparkling Mineral Water I glass Brandy ... i glass Drioli Maraschino 2 tablespoons Tea Put the tea in cheese, or, better, use two tea balls. Steep in mixture for about ten minutes. Stir well. Doctor up bowl in the usual way ROMAN PUNCH I qt. Morlant Champagne ... i qt. Bacardi 54 liqueur glass Orange Bitters Juice of lo Lemons . . Juice of 3 Oranges 2 lbs. Sugar ... Whites of 10 Eggs Dissolve sugar in the fruit juices; add rind of i orange and white of eggs well beaten. Stir, etc. •k -k -k


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