Ulf Jensen

eyes met Rachel’s. A strange sensation came over him. He never felt this way before. That searching stare of those dark Gypsy eyes of this beautiful young woman, sitting no more than six inches in front of him, was overwhelming! He was at a loss for words. His mind went blank, as he tried to comprehend it all. And Rachel had so much pent up emotion that events of the past 24 hours swirled around in her mind. One moment she was confused, the next frightened, then relieved, at last immensely grateful. Then she felt something different. Something tingled through her body. It was truly weird. But she knew what it was, and it was about to explode! She had to let it out. “Hans, you’re my hero! You know that don’t you?” “Oh, I suppose.” Hans replied modestly. “Yes you are. You saved my life back there. You’re definitely my hero!” “OK.” “Hans, I don’t want to go to Sweden, because I want to be with you! Can you understand that?” Hans began to realize that the woman sitting six inches in front of him was actually serious about him. His mind reeled from the unexpected surge of emotion. He tried to make sense of it all, causing a traffic jam of thoughts. It was as if his saving her from the clutches of the Nazis had made her feel that now he should own her; she now belonged to him. He had saved her, so now she was his. Forever! Oh boy! What had he gotten himself into now? But those big dark eyes had stared into his and pierced them, as well as his soul. It had penetrated so deep it gave him sensations he never had before. That stare ignited a spark; the spark of chemistry known to change lives forever. He now knew. This was one special woman! When they met again later, Rachel threw her arms around him. Hans looked into her large dark eyes, and was again mesmerized by the

captivating look of this vivacious woman. “I’m afraid you’ve made a lasting impression on me,” he said. “Hans, I wish you didn’t have to leave again.” Rachel moved within striking distance, and now reached up and stopped the conversation with a passionate kiss. Minutes went by. The two came up for air. No words necessary! They separated slowly, their eyes fixed on each others. Hans broke the silence.He whispered softly, “I’ll be back tomorrow!” Notes by the author analyses the current hostile world environment from misguided ideologies to the recurrent and ever present greed and its consequences, most of which have already come to pass. Complacency of ignorance is always disastrous, as mankind fails to learn from past mistakes and is forced to repeat them.




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