Rickmansworth School GCSE Pathway 4 Option Booklet

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Level 1/2 Cambridge National Certificate in Creative iMedia*


*Please note this Qualification is subject to recognition from Ofqual in 2020 performance tables.

The Cambridge Nationals in Creative iMedia will equip learners with a range of creative media skills and provide opportunities to develop, in context, desirable, transferable skills such as research, planning, and review, working with others and communicating creative concepts effectively. Through the use of these skills, learners will ultimately be creating fit-for-purpose creative media products. Building upon the skills learnt during Key Stage 3 students work through the stages of a project, analysing, designing, creating and testing a solution to given a problem, all tasks are set by OCR. These projects look at using software such as Audacity (Sound Editing), Digital Images (Photoshop) and Web Development.

Costs Access to a computer at home

Trips There are no compulsory trips associated with this course.

Pathways Further Education: Apprenticeships, GCE Media, GCE ICT, Computer Science and Design and Technology University: Media, ICT, Computer Science Careers: Media, Graphic Design, Web Development


Component 1

Component 2

Component 3

Component 4

• Pre – Production Skills (25%) • Paper based Examination

• Creating digital graphics (25%) • Internally Assessed Coursework • OCR Moderated

• Creating a Multipage Website • Internally Assessed Coursework • OCR Moderated

• Creating a Digital Sound Sequence (25%) • Internally Assessed Coursework • OCR Moderated

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