Rickmansworth School GCSE Pathway 4 Option Booklet

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Religious Studies, Philosophy and Ethics

Overview Religious Studies, Philosophy and Ethics GCSE offers students the opportunity for the anthropological and thematic study of Religion and religious responses to the fundamental questions of life. This subject is suitable for candidates of any religious persuasion or none. The RS GCSE encourages students to develop their interest and enthusiasm for the study of Religion and the relationship between Religion and the wider world. Students will also develop their knowledge and understanding of Religion by exploring the impact of beliefs, teachings, practices, ways of life and forms of expressing faith. In addition, students will learn to express their personal responses and gain informed insights on fundamental questions about identity, belonging, meaning, purpose, truth, values and commitments. Religious Studies, Philosophy and Ethics encourages students to question the world in which we live and develops the critical awareness and analytical skills essential for further and higher education.

Costs Eduqas Religious Studies Route A GCSE (9-1) - £18.99

Trips There are no compulsory trips associated with this course.

Pathways Further Education: Religious Studies, Philosophy & Ethics A Level

University: Theology, Philosophy, Politics, Sociology, Religious Studies, Philosophy and Ethics Career: Law, Travel, Advertising, Human Resources, Public Services, Diplomacy, Publishing, Journalism, Teaching.


Component 1

Component 2

Component 3

• Christian Beliefs, Teachings and Practices • Worth 25% of the overall grade • The Nature of God • Jesus Christ and Salvation • The Afterlife • Forms of Worship • The Sacraments • The Role of Pilgrimage • Celebrations and Festivals • The Role of the Church • The Worldwide Church

• Hindu Beliefs, Teachings and Practices • Worth 25% of the overall grade • Nature and Features of the Ultimate Being • Hindu Gods/Deities • The Eternal Self • Human Life • Cosmology • Places of Worship • Worship and Meditation • Festivals • Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage • Social Concern

• Religious, Philosophical and Ethical Studies • Worth 50% of the overall grade • From a Christian and Hindu Perspective • Issues of Relationships • Issues of Life and Death • Issues of Good and Evil • Issues of Human Rights

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