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And it’s your own history too, which makes it extra interesting. History is really just a bunch of stories about things that happened in the past. They can be stories about the world, a country, a town, a group of people, even a family, like yours. What you’re holding in your hands is your family’s own history book. Yes, it’s blank now, but soon it will be bursting with funny, moving, delightful and important stories about you and your family. It will be your Story of Us . To get started, find something to write with, then find a relative, then choose a question from anywhere inside the book and don’t let your relative go until they’ve told you a good story.

You are about to make history!

Once you’ve heard their story, write down a quick summary or maybe just some ‘reminder’ words in the blank space below the question. And that’s it. And don’t be afraid to ask the same question of

more than one relative. There’s space on each page for a couple of summaries. So let’s go! Grab a pencil and a relative, and start making history.

Some families are big, some families are small, but all families are full of love … and stories. Write the names of the people in your family on the leaves of this family tree. You might choose to include people who are not related to you, but that you consider to be part of your family!

My Family Tree

One of my earliest memories is …

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