Alcalá View 2004 20.10

Do-It-Yourself Fiesta

Planning on inviting a thousand or so friends over for your own fiesta? Here's a partial shopping list, courtesy of Bob Peltier of Ranch Catering.

d ce· Ted Ged ·n' the chicken an w·asn't chic 001 gement, t facilities ~an~ the chicken toss, participating ,n ear's contests, w hopular of th1sty launching a rub I' mma es • line three tea he lawn in a s chicken across t ber of the tea rt h mem to the fou . in a basket. h the chicken catc

860 pounds of carne asada

2,800 chicken and cheese enchiladas

250 pounds of beans 400 pounds of rice 50 gallons of horchata

JOO gallons of lemonade

'th Rancho_ . erformers w1 . h trad1t1

. Local folklonco_ p d the crowd wit

• 0 fun- tertaine folkloric F lklorico, en . Ballet o Vista_ dances. Mexican

A family affair: Paulo Martinez Casillo, of facilities management, enjoyed the food and the fun with his wife, Gabriela, and their 1-year-old son, Paulo Jr.

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