Broward County Family Resource Guide 2020-2021

How to Use the Listings

1. Determine your family’s child care requirements by considering your child’s individual needs, the location, the hours of care required, the cost of care and other child care issues. 2. Review the Child Care section so you will know the criteria upon which to evaluate your family’s needs and select an appropriate provider. 3. Find the child care options available in your area in the listings section or visit The caregivers are divided according to two different factors. First, they are separated by type of care with contact information listed after the name of the provider. Those providers are then sorted by city and zip code, so that you can easily find all of the available care in your home or work area. There are three types of child care providers listed: child care centers, family child care homes and school age (afterschool) programs. To decide which is more suited for the needs of you and your child, refer to the articles in this directory on choosing quality child care. The listings of providers offer several types of information. This information includes the days the program is available, hours of operation, the ages of children accepted, and services offered. 4. Verify your information, discuss your choices and resolve other concerns you may have by calling 2-1-1 Broward at 954-537-0211; ask to speak to the Resource & Referral Counselor. Staff will answer any questions you have and search the database for updates, educational background and any other specific information that has been obtained on your pre-selected child care providers. 5. Now you are ready to visit your child’s potential caregivers. Visits should be unannounced to better determine which program best meets your needs and your expectations regarding quality child care. Information is current as of March 2020. Providers wishing to update their information should contact the Early Learning Coalition of Broward County, Inc. at: Information and entities listed here or provided by 211-Broward are intended solely as additional resources and do not imply a recommendation of any specific provider. We hope you will find this information useful as you decide what’s best for you and your family.

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